I have come a long way to achieve my success and am ready to help you achieve the same.

My Journey

My Awakening

I do believe that my life is divided into two parts. My previous life is before I realized how to be happy and enjoy my life.


I was too busy working hard without having time to enjoy my life or to find out my life’s purpose. 


I was born in Medellin-Colombia, and I have always been known as a positive, cheerful, and dedicated woman that always trys to give my best to every person.


My studies in Industrial Engineering, Marketing and International Businesses have led me to be a visionary and enterprising person with extensive professional experience of more than 15 years.


At 21 years old I started working in the commercial area for a Colombian multinational company. By the time I was in my late 2o’s, with  my professional career at an all time high, on the inside my world was about to collapse.

Finding My Purpose

In 2013 I came to Australia escaping from my reality and motivated to learn English and to study a Master of Business Administration (MBA). After finishing my MBA I realized that everything in life requires dedication, discipline and commitment.


At 30 years old, I felt my call to serve and my passion for studying lead me to Life Coaching. My passion now is to give humanity the best of myself and to encourage as many people as I can that everything is possible if you believe it.

When in doubt, choose change.


Today I am known as a visionary and feisty woman who has overcome great trials both personal and spiritual.

I am recognised in the community around Australia as a very unique Life & Business Coach, helping people from all backgrounds and nations.

I am now financially secure, happily married and love life. I enjoy travelling whenever I get the chance and love continually developing my leadership skills.

I believe that my mission today is to teach as many people as I can how to succeed in life, how to be happy and live every single day with a purpose.

Congratulations on being here! You are on the right track.

With some guiding principals, someone to keep you accountable and a clear end goal, you too can live an amazing life that you are proud of.

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About BeLive

BeLive is an Australian company founded by Catalina Meikle in June 2016. Its name was inspired by God and based on the connection between to BE, to LIVE and to BELIEVE.


Our desire is to serve and guide people in finding their life mission, accelerate their professional calling and purpose and to give them tools for inner healing.


Catalina completed her coaching studies in 2015 in Australia with a focus on personal growth, motivation and professional development.

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